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Neighbourhood Plan

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Cllr Alison Foster

Borough Councillor Representative

Cllr Robert Tickle


Cllr David Brough

Vice Chair

Cllr Richard Barrett

Cllr David Mercer

Cllr Gary Lloyd

Cllr Bob Muller

Cllr Pat Pedersen


Cllr Sebastian Reger

Cllr Jane Peverell


Robbin Brough


Aims: To provide effective, efficient and accountable local government for the parish of Harrold, enabling residents to be involved in the life of the community and its future development. To be a strong voice for residents and local businesses, working to improve the overall village area both built and natural, while preserving the uniqueness of heritage areas.




Objectives: To understand and communicate the views, needs and aspirations of residents and businesses to statutory

 and non-governmental bodies as required


Increase public involvement in the community through ensuring the parish council and its activities are open, transparent

and accountable to residents.


Support local business and economic activity in the village.


Work with Bedford Borough Council to provide safe and healthy opportunities for recreation, leisure and education,

and to provide, improve and maintain play equipment, allotments and public recreation spaces.


To support the work of village voluntary organizations through grants and practical support.


Respond to planning applications and other statutory consultations on time.





What we can do for you

Meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month. They are held in our office.

They begin at 7:30pm. There is a public open forum at the beginning of every meeting where anyone can come and address the council. This is until 7:45pm


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Skate Park Harrold & Odell Country Park Gym Equipment Harrold & Odell Country Park

Bridgman Bowls

Harrold & Carlton

Football Club


In and Around Harrold

Harrold Playing Field

Harrold & Odell

Country Park

Play Park Harrold & Odell Country Park Play Park Harewelle Park

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Office Hours:

As much of my work takes me out of the office and around the village if you would like to meet with the clerk please make an appointment during the following hours

Wednesday 12:00-5:30pm and Thursday 12:00 - 5:30pm

Harrold Parish Council


72 High Street


MK43 7DW

(at the rear of Paul Young Financial services)


Tel: 01234 721181







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