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Freedom of the Parish
Section 249 of the Local Government Act 1972 allows a relevant authority to admit to be honorary freemen or honorary freewomen of the place or area for which it is the authority: a. Persons of distinction, and b. Persons who have, in the opinion of the authority, rendered eminent service to that place or area. Granting the Freedom is the highest honour that Harrold Parish Council can bestow. Although it carries no privileges, those who receive the honour are able to use the title of Freeman or Freewoman. As this is the highest honour that the Council can grant it should be used sparingly and should not be given too often in order to preserve its status and value. 2022 At a meeting of the parish council in December 2022, it was resolved unanimously to admit Jason Chandler to be an honorary freeman of Harrold Parish, the first known in Harrold in modern times. For his eminent and devoted service rendered to its inhabitants during 25 years as a Postal Operative for Harrold. Jason is considered a person of distinction and is thanked sincerely for his valuable and sterling service. Jason is to be presented his award at the Harrold Pit Run in April 2023.
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